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Hunter Chang is a dedicated father and husband, City Commissioner and retired aerospace engineer who has proudly called San Marino his home for 22 years.


Seventeen years ago, Hunter was inspired to apply for a position on the Traffic Advisory Commission (TAC) to address the number of accidents in his neighborhood. He served 10 years on the TAC and eventually became the Chair. Currently, Hunter serves as the Vice-Chair of the Public Safety Commission (PSC) which advises the City Council on issues related to Police, Fire, and Public Works. He has listened to the residents on their issues, analyzed the facts, collaborated with stakeholders and recommended solutions to City Council for the benefit of One San Marino!

Hunter and his family have lived in San Marino for 22 years. One of the main reasons he moved to San Marino was because of the top-rated schools. His daughter, Christine, attended San Marino schools: Carver, HMS and SMHS. Hunter served as an Executive Board Trustee for the San Marino Schools Foundation. He and his wife have donated at the Benefactor Level.

In his 33-year professional career as an aerospace engineer, Hunter worked with multi-disciplinary teams to solve problems while managing million-dollar aerospace projects for billion-dollar programs. He received a BS from UCLA and an MSEE from USC. His wife of 30 years, Annie Han, is a retired 33-year banker, and is volunteering as the City Treasurer, a position she will be stepping down from so there’s no conflict of interest.  His daughter, Christine, graduated from USC Marshall School of Business and is a Digital Marketing Analyst for a law firm in San Diego.

With his volunteer spirit, industry teamwork experience, and passion to give back to the City, Hunter is inspired to give back even more by representing the community of San Marino on the City Council.

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